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Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, & Charlize Theron for J’adore Dior

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Reblog if you actually owned a walkman at some point in time

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I owned two. And I still have a fully functional portable CD player. That can only use AA batteries, oh my god.

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I remember when the AUTOREVERSE function was introduced. That was fancy! You didn’t need to take out your tape and turn it to listen to the other side…!

But maaayen did rewind and ff eat batteries…

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Jesus a walkman didn’t come in until I was in my teens.  I had a “portable tape deck”. 

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"They didn’t allow me to become a nurse because of my hijab. Thank you, I became a doctor instead" #BURN


"They didn’t allow me to become a nurse because of my hijab. Thank you, I became a doctor instead" #BURN

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Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.

You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

As a South Asian American feminist, let me remind everyone that oppression is not a competition.

Just because we fight one type of sexism doesn’t mean we don’t care about other instances of sexism that don’t affect us directly in our day to day lives.

My heart goes out to this woman and the hundreds of other victims like her. I want to educate people about these kinds of incidents. I support organizations that help women like this.

You may think that dress code issues are trivial, but they are related to a larger issue of women’s bodily autonomy, which affects women’s health and safety.

So please, let’s try to bring awareness and bring about change instead of insulting entire groups of people because they are facing issues that are less scary than the one presented.

oppression is not a competition

thank you so much for this wording

Trivializing smaller forms of oppression does not help in the fight against more brutal and violent oppressions. Anyone who says “There are worse things happening in the world than [insert pretty much anything a Western feminist might talk about].” is actively reinforcing patriarchy.

It is a common tactic of the oppressor to minimize smaller forms of oppression as a way to justify their actions. 


If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say.

"Most serial killers keep some sort of trophies from their victims."

"I didn’t."

"No. No, you ate yours.”

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