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Samuel Delany is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. His latest novel Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders is absolutely the wrong kind of book for the current moment, an 804-page cinder block of a novel in a digital age where everything in literary culture militates toward shorter forms: one-hundred-page ebooks, or short Scribd documents, or Tweets. And the subject matter of Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders is all kinds of wrong for this political moment in the gay rights movement. The assimilationist liberals at GLAAD and HRC have struggled mightily to disentangle the gay rights movement from the seedier side of gay life, and have done their level best to reassure straight people that gays and lesbians are just normal folks who really do want to settle down with one partner, get married, have children, fight in the military, and go to church. But along comes Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders, precisely the kind of gay novel that mainstream gays would prefer the vicious homophobes at the American Family Association never found out about…

The Strange Career of Samuel R Delany

The only important elements in any society are the artistic and the criminal, because they alone, by questioning the society’s values, can force it to change.

—Samuel R. Delany (via giganticworlds)

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Whilst looking at Cecil from Night Vale fanart recently, I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of. It finally hit me … Doc Hammer! (He’s a painter/writer/cartoonist/voice actor/musician. Just Google him.) According to his DeviantArt account - yes, he has a DeviantArt account - his hair naturally grows in two colors like that.



the end of the semester is starting to kick my ass